The award-winning VoQoL system

Using the power of voice to automate several functions, greatly improving the personal independence of quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals

Developed in Cape Town, South Africa by Coral Tech

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VoQoL is short for Voice-activated Quality-of-Life. Developed by Coral Tech in Cape Town, South Africa, it is a set of devices and software that allows mobility-impaired users to control various functions in their living space, using just their voice. They can control rooms lights, TVs including changing channels, fans, hot blankets, get information from the Internet, and much more.

Additional services have been added over time, including the ability to stream most South African radio stations, including those in local SA languages such as Umhlobo Wenene FM, iKhosi FM, Radio Sonder Grense, Smile FM, Heart FM and many more. Users can also ask to send an SMS to a caregiver's mobile phone when they need assistance.

An independent impact analysis found many significant improvements in the daily quality of life of VoQoL users. These include greater independence, reduced levels of frustration, boredom and stress, as well as increased leisure time enjoyment. You can download the VoQoL impact analysis document by clicking here.


Using just their voice, the award-winning* VoQoL system provides Quadriplegic and Paraplegic individuals with the ability to control functions within their living environment including:

Room Lights



Streaming Music

Radio Stations


Info from the Internet

Get Weather

Get News

Call for Help

Because users of the VoQoL system no longer need to call for assistance for these functions, it provides these individuals with a new level of independence and increased self-esteem. It also provides relief to caregivers who regain back time to perform other tasks.

Recipients and installations

Included in the standard VoQoL installation are:

1 x voice device

1 x smart lightbulb

1 x smart plug

1 x TV controller, which also supports DSTV Explora decoder model

User manual

12 month of support - both phone-in and onsite where required

Note: There must be a reliable WiFi connection in the room where VoQoL is installed


VoQoL - Prize Winner at the SA Breweries Social Innovations Awards

SA Breweries Foundation is South Africa's leading funding entity for support of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Through their prestigious annual Social Innovations Awards, SAB Foundation have supported over 150 social innovations across the country.

In October 2018, from over 300 applicants, the VoQoL project was short-listed among 20 other candidate projects for the SAB Foundation Social Innovations Awards. On the night of the awards, Coral Tech was presented with 3rd place, a grant for R600 000, for the VoQoL project in the Disability Sector category. Using this incredibly generous grant from SAB Foundation, Coral Tech has started expanding the reach of the VoQoL project to other provinces in South Africa starting with installation in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, and training local partners in those areas to provide support and future installations.

Recognition for the VoQoL Project


The VoQoL System - Developed in Cape Town by Coral Tech

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